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Subscribe and your first month is on us! 

We understand that adding another commitment to your already long list of monthly subscriptions isn't easy.

That's why MonksPie will bear the cost of your 1st month of subscription! It's our way of thanking you on behalf of all the children! You can of course modify or cancel your subscription at any time. 

You're providing more than just meals!



Your sponsored meals provide much needed nutrition to children



Meals served are the #1 motivation for children to attend school



Sponsors are often cited as a positive role model in children's lives

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This is great stuff, MonksPie! Growing up watching my parents do whatever they could for the poor and underprivileged, I always wanted to do my share as well. I just didn't know how, because I've always been skeptical of organizations, in general.


But I loved the idea and the execution here! Pretty straight forward, easy to use and it's also very heartwarming to see the impact for myself. Amazing step and I can't wait to use the platform more!

Mansi Joshi, Instagram Influencer

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