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A Logistical Leap

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

On the 28 of May 2017, a few families in the small district of Koderma (Jharkhand, India) found a reason to rejoice. 27 under-privileged kids and seniors, along with their families, ate traditional Indian food (puri, subzi, kheer etc) thanks to 5 complete strangers from the USA!

This was the first run of MonksPie's Alpha phase (an invitation-only release for ~ 70 people). We faced a few logistical challenges but our senior monks came through for us in a big way! The event was organized in a local school and the food was prepared by the school's staff, who happily volunteered their Sunday hours. Kids cheered as they were especially excited having come in their best attire. Everyone conveyed their gratitude to their meal-sponsors heartily, that was in turn captured by our ground monks through small recorded clips and then passed on to the users.

" Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice" ~Jaques Diouf

A huge shout-out to Karthika, Yashaswini, Lloyd, Nikhil and Gaurav for bringing a cheer to all these faces.

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