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Our Pilot Program

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

We are happy to have capable senior ground monks in our network. They’ve done great work and continue to do so by carrying our drives in Jharkhand, India. At the same time we want to expand our footprint across India and in order to do so we have started researching and talking to a few organizations, which can benefit from our initiative.

So far we’ve found two very good organizations, which are doing impressive work to help the poor. To know them more there was nothing better than actually working with them.

We carried out a pilot program with both of them and fed 200 underprivileged children (100 with each). From the onset they were very transparent and professional and it was proven by the result of the pilot programs. We were very touched by the pictures and videos they sent after the drive. In one of the videos a group of children is thanking MonksPie while holding colorful placards with MonksPie and "Thank You" written on them. After a superb first pilot we are carrying out a second pilot with them and hope to feed over 200 more underprivileged children this month.

We will continue to work on our initiative, but remember - it’s only you who make it possible. We thank you for your support and look forward for a great journey together.

If you have not yet worked with us, we invite you to do so by clicking here.

We believe in continuous improvement and if you have a feedback for us or if you want to talk about our work please feel free to email us at

We want to thank Anirudh, Ramya and Priyam for their support with our pilot program.

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