Smiling Meals

Your karma, made simple! 

What is Smiling Meals? 

It's a simple, limited-time social media campaign. To participate,

  1. either smile alongside your prepared meal or make a smiley on your meal and click a picture!

  2. post it on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us (@monkspie)

  3. encourage 3 (or more) friends to do the same and tag them as well


And that's it! For every post, MonksPie will distribute 10 cooked meals to those impacted by the pandemic! 

Here's what you can say for example: Here's my smiling meal. I'm nominating @friend#1, @friend#2 and @friend#3 to add their #SmilingMeals so that @monkspie can provide 10 meals for every shared smile! #monkspie 

Why Smiling Meals?

The idea behind creating the Smiling Meals is to (re)draw attention towards the current crisis and towards the problems faced by daily-wagers, migrant laborers and their families in India. ​We hope to reach and remind empathic individuals (like yourself) to do their bit by either helping us spread the awareness or by sponsoring meals using the platform. We also believe that spreading cheer and positivity is what the world desperately needs right now! 

When will the meals be distributed?

We'll keep everyone posted about the impact generated, and distribute meals towards the end of the campaign. 

and remember..

Stay up to date and informed on ways to protect your health with sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Government of India, and your local health department. While this situation is unprecedented, we are optimistic that all of us will ultimately emerge stronger and more resilient if we remain careful, cognizant and treat everyone with kindness.

Stay safe!

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