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MonksPie listed as one of 25 Best Humanitarian Startups by Welp Magazine!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

2020 has been a challenging year for most of us. But for millions of daily wage earners, migrant laborers and their families, the impact of the pandemic has been much, much worse. And while we were lucky to be able to help those impacted the most - with those tens of thousands of smiles aimed at us being reward enough, we were pleasantly surprised when Welp Magazine recently named us one of 25 best humanitarian startups in the world!

According to the magazine, the article showcases Welp Magazine’s top picks for the best ‘Humanitarian’ startups. The startups, as per them, are taking a variety of approaches to innovating in the Humanitarian industry, but are all exceptional startups well worth a follow.

The startups were gauged for performance in one of these categories:




Societal impact

MonksPie has matured and grown significantly this year, in spite of the many unforeseen roadblocks due to the current turbulent times. We have stuck with our core values of adding innovation and providing simple and transparent solutions to real world problems, and our users, you, have rewarded us accordingly. This mention nonetheless is exciting for us, as according to one of our earliest adopter's social media comment, this also is 'proof of the pie'!

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